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Christmas Market in Heidelberg 2024

The Heidelberg Christmas Market is held in the historic streets and squares of the old town.

As well as the traditional wooden stalls, the market also includes a 'Fairytale Winter Wood' and an ice-skating rink.

Christmas Market in Heidelberg

The main square for the market is Universitätsplatz between the buildings of the Old and New University. A carousel which is more than a century old provides entertainment for the children.

The 'Winterwäldchen' with 100 trees is on Kornmarkt. There is also an ice-skating rink for children here.

Marktplatz offers another selection of wooden huts surrounding a giant wooden wine barrel with Perkeo, the symbol of Heidelberg, perched on top.

The larger ice rink for all ages is at Karlsplatz, with a lovely view to the Heidelberg Castle.

Dates: 25.11.24 - 22.12.24
Opening Times
11.00 - 21.00 (Sunday to Friday)
11.00 - 22.00 (Saturday)

Other Things To Do in Heidelberg

Heidelberg has plenty to see and do apart from the Christmas festivities:

Visit Heidelberg Castle: This is a must-see location in Heidelberg with lovely views down onto the stalls below and across the Neckar River. A funicular railway takes visitors up to the castle (and further up the hill).

Heidelberg in winter

Follow in the footsteps of the 'Philosophers': The Philosophers' Walk on the other side of the river is not thought to have been the location for any great thinkers. (The university students of years gone by were obliged to take philosophy as part of their studies.) The walking trail leads through vineyards and has panoramic views across the river.

See where the rowdy students were thrown in jail: Unruly students of centuries gone by were chucked into the Studentenkarzer to cool off for a bit. They spent their time drawing graffiti on the walls of their 'prison'. Possibly a reminder that visitors to the Christmas Market should not indulge in too much mulled wine?

Find out more about the main sights in Heidelberg at GermanSights.com

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The closest and most convenient airport for Heidelberg is Frankfurt Airport. This is just over 80 kilometres away from Heidelberg. Rail connections are available via Mainz or Mannheim.

Heidelberg Hauptbahnhof, the main railway station, is located around two kilometres from the old town. Local transport in Heidelberg is via bus, tram or suburban train. The public transit authority is the Rhein-Neckar-Verein (RNV).

Travel Information
Frankfurt Airport: www.frankfurt-airport.de
National Railways: www.bahn.de
Local Public Transport: www.rnv-online.de
Tourist Office: www.heidelberg-marketing.de